“Every feminist, woman or man, who embraces equality and diversity and opposes violence and domination, should recognize that the foods we eat, and how they’re grown, matter to our environment and to our lives.” –Elaine Lipson



Women's Agricultural Community Web Resource

Women the world over are farmers. They often are the innovators and mainstays in sustainable, organic, and community based agriculture. They are the keepers of plant and animal biodiversity and the beliefs and practices maintaining them. Women are master gardeners and urban agriculturalists as well. They engage in large-scale livestock, dairy, grain, and fruit and vegetable farming as owner-operators and as co-workers with spouses and children. In many countries, women are the major producers of food crops and take part in cash crop production for local and distant markets. Indeed, much of the produce now found in our US supermarkets is grown by them and their families. As a result, women from distant places increasingly are an integrated part of the world's agricultural and food systems today.

This Website features women farmers' work and achievements. It was developed as a resource especially for women farmers in Michigan, but also provides information for others interested in learning more about women agriculturalists here, in the US, and around the world. The resources are organized into two sections:

The Who Are Women in Agriculture? section is about women agriculturalists in Michigan, including not only farmers but also academics at Michigan State University whose research and teaching involves women. In addition to identifying these women and their work, we also highlight their accomplishments and the details of their agricultural experiences. While our focus is on Michigan, we also provide information on women's agricultural activities around the US and internationally.

Resources for Michigan Women in Agriculture is not only for women currently involved in agriculture, but will also help those who would like to become more involved. Included are a guide to useful Websites and online resources and a how-to guide for those just getting started in various agricultural activities.


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