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Welcome to MSU's entry point for a wide range of activities in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. I am excited by the activities at MSU that seek to build the economic, social and environmental sustainability of agriculture and our food system. Connecting the production of food and fiber to processing, distribution, marketing and consumption are paramount to these efforts. We are all connected to our food system; we all have a stake in seeing a strong, vibrant agriculture in Michigan; and we all have a stake in seeing a healthy population whose individuals are able to reach their potential. In that context, it is our intention for this website to evolve as a tool for you to find information reviewed by MSU faculty that can help with your needs. The information links will not all be MSU generated research, although much will, but will all be material that we have critically analyzed and deemed useful. If you have suggestions for other areas you would find helpful please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you find it useful.

Mike Hamm
C.S. Mott Professor of Sustainable Agriculture