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About Us

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Initiative at MSU’s mission is to engage Michigan communities in developing ecological approaches to agricultural production and food systems that: 1) offer desirable livelihoods, 2) provide nutritious diets, 3) sustain and manage ecosystems, and 4) enhance resources for the wellbeing of current and future generations. It is our intention that Michigan State University and community partners be leaders in supporting development of sustainable food and farming systems to enhance the wellbeing of people, communities and their landscapes. Our objective is to develop an initiative that:
1) Expands on existing strengths in sustainable agriculture and food systems to develop an integrated program in ecological management across the food system, including research, education, and outreach.
2) Engages all participants in a collaborative, iterative process of learning about the production, processing, and marketing of food in ways that enhance wellbeing and access for consumers, while ensuring system sustainability for future generations.
3) Supports the viability of agricultural and food systems enterprises that are diverse in scale and community participation.